You Be the Judge?

We are back in the good ol’ USA – albeit sitting in limbo for a good 45 minutes at the U.S.-Canadian border.  I always wonder where you truly are when the bus is sitting outside of customs, you have gone through customs, but cannot leave the waiting area until they clear the bus – are you in the U.S. or Canada?

Texas_Champion-_Bryan_Danielson.jpgWhile in Vancouver, we noticed that TSN (the Canadians version of ESPN) carried WWE’s Monday Night Raw – which got the entire clubhouse rolling on Monday night when wrestler Daniel Bryan (or others have called him Brian Danielson) showed up to interfere with John Cena’s match (how I know the names – I don’t know, since I haven’t watched sports entertainment since college).

He seemed like an average wrestler that the fans seemed to like – but then, our health and fitness staff made the comments that set off the room.  Both A.J. Larson and Yi Chang Chiang made it clear that Daniel Bryan was indeed a look-alike to current Peoria Chiefs athletic trainer and 2009 Boise Hawks athletic trainer Dan Golden. 

Golden,_Dan_AT[1].JPGThey talked how Dan during the offseason sported a beard, just like Daniel Bryan has in the picture.  The entire clubhouse went nuts – this is even after a 7-0 drubbing to the Canadians.

So – put a little facial hair on the picture of Dan and do you see the wrestler?  You be the judge?

TRIP NOTES: After a long pit stop in the thriving metropolis of Zillah, Wash., last night at a local mini-mart (you should have seen the look on the lone clerk when a bus chock full of starved baseball players rolled out at 10:30 in the evening), the team arrived at our newest destination – the Tri-Cities.  We are on the backside of the trip.

PLAYOFF HOPES GOING, GOING, GON(E): At one point in the season, the Hawks were sitting at 19-14, alone in first-place in the Northwest League’s East Division.  A month has past, and so have the winning ways, as Boise has dropped 22 of their last 31 games – losing the first-half race to Spokane and now trailing Yakima by eight games, with just 12 games left on the slate.  As I mentioned to Richard Jones during our pit stop last night, although the postseason chances have faded – the Hawks can definitely factor in who meets Spokane in the NWL playoffs. 

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