One Final Take from North of the Border

NatBaileyoutside.JPGA second afternoon game awaits the Boise Hawks today in Vancouver, before the exodus from our favorite country to the North begins.  Which will be very interesting, since it will be the first time that we have crossed into the United States since our government began its border enforcement in January.  Hopefully – it will go as smooth as it did coming into Canada.  We also hope that our rooms are ready when we get to Kennewick this evening…the odds are 5:1 that they won’t be.

We are set to leave Vancouver and the good weather arrives – temperatures today in the province is set to be 25 – or as my colleague Bob Robertson would say “double the temperature and add 32 and you’ll get the temperature” – so it is supposed to be 82 (if my math is correct).

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a video to show fans the interesting trek to the pressbox at Scotiabank Field (at Nat Bailey Stadium), traversing the narrow stairwell to the roof – with the outstanding views:  


This morning, prior to making the hike to the press box, I had the opportunity to take a video from outside of the stadium – allowing you the opportunity to see the classic look of a ballpark that housed teams in the Western International League (the precursor to the NWL) and teams from the Pacific Coast League – when Vancouver was a AAA franchise.  Notice the concourse is alot like the old-time ballparks – Wrigley Field and Fenway Park…


NatBailey6.JPGANOTHER GREAT INTERN:  A few days ago, we talked about the great staff they have here with the C’s – from radio-man Rob Fai (who doubles as an assistant GM), to their Diamond-Vision staff.  But I forgot to mention probably the most unique one of the bunch – that being media relations intern Jeremy Knight.  Jeremy handles all of the basic things that an PR intern does – the same things that Bryan Moses, Onalee Carson, and Chad Bates have done for Kristen Nimmo and myself the last few years.  The one thing that sets Jeremy apart from the rest – he is 15-years-old.  That’s right, he is still in high school (or secondary school, as they call it up here).  For the previous five years, he was a contributor to the C’s “unofficial” blog, NatNotes – which was one of my favorite sites to visit (even though I was a topic of conversation for a few years thanks to an on-air incident about A’s catcher Landon Powell in 2004).  But the work he puts out, the interviews that he produces for CanadiansTV, is as good, if not better, than most in the minors.  As he told me yesterday, his goal is to be the next Bob Costas.  He also introduced me to their “kicked up” version of chicken strips last night – lathered in Franks Hot Sauce.

POWER SURGE IN THE LEAGUE: An interesting statistical nugget from the season is that the teams with the parks that typically yield the fewest number of home runs are not in their annual #7 and #8 slots in the league.  Tri-City has hammered 38 home runs this season, second only to the 58 by Everett and 39 by Spokane – both who play 43 games a year in hitters parks.  Vancouver, usually last in the loop in the category, has 29 homers – including four in this series.  The two teams at the bottom – the Hawks with 21 and Eugene with just 16.



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