Pictures from Rockies Press Conference

Tons of big news over the past week from the Boise Hawks camp – the Cubs decided not to renew their affiliation (moved to Eugene), the Rockies signed a PDC with Boise for four years, and there will be new owners for the club beginning in 2015.

A lot to get to over the next few weeks – as we will look at what the Rockies farm system looks like, look back at the top memories during the 14-year run with the Cubs, and look ahead.

But first, we will look at some photos from today’s press conference at the Boise Chamber of Commerce – as Rockies farm director Jeff Bridish, GM Dan O’Dowd, and the new ownership group of the Hawks all celebrated the new partnership between the Hawks and Rox.


Humphrey with the ladies of the Boise Chamber of Commerce


Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd with the Hawks Host Families


Rockies VP of Player Development Jeff Bridish


New Hawks Owner Jeff Eiseman


Commemorative Jersey Exchange


General Manager Todd Rahr Addressing the Crowd

1 2 3 4 5 6 Humphrey2 JeffE2 Todd Todd2 ToddRox

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