Best of the Best (Food in the Northwest League)

HotDogWith just two days left in the Northwest League season – time to talk food one last time, as there has been some outstanding grub around the loop in 2013.

Food Standings (through 74 games): Burgers 12, Hot Dogs 12, Pulled Pork 11, Chicken Sandwich 10, Pizza 7, Cheesesteak 5, PB&J 4, Salad (Caesar/Cobb) 4, Various Sandwiches 4, Other 3, Chicken Strips 2.

I thought it would be fun to talk about the best food option that I’ve found this season.

Boise: I have fell in love with the new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich that Home Plate Food Services has derived this season…it is a lightly breaded chicken filet, with a piece of cheese on it…I like to add onion as well…it is outstanding…and the fries – they are among the best in the NWL

Eugene: The Ems had the strangest option this year – Eggplant Parmesian, but one of the days this season – they had a Pizza Fest…four different kinds of pizza to choose from…it was good.

Everett: The Aquasox always have the go-to meals in their bread bowls (either Clam Chowder or Chili) and their Seattle Dog (hot dog with hot/sweet peppers and cream cheese)…but I love being able to get a Quiznos sub at the park or an iced mocha…both hit the spot.

Hillsboro: Hard to pick a favorite, as the Hops have two of the Top-3 menu items in the league – a Cobb Salad and a Banh Mi Sandwich…the salad has blue cheese crumbles, hazelnuts, cranberries, chicken and cucumbers…while the Pork Sandwich has a thai kick to it, along with a slaw made from cabbage, cucumber, and carrot.

Salem-Keizer: It’s a burger or dog at Volcanoes Stadium, but their burger is very good…and in my book, S-K has the top relish in the league – which makes or breaks a good hamburger

Spokane: I love eating at the Max at Mirabeau Park (best post-game dining option in the league), but at the yard – their chicken sandwich (with BBQ sauce, white cheddar, and a pickle spear) has been my go-to option for years.

Tri-City: Each night it is between a Pulled Pork Sandwich or Chicken Strips at Gesa Stadium…both very good, as are the french fries – which rival Boise’s as the best in the league.

Vancouver: I used to go for the footlong hot or corn dog or even the chicken strips – but this year, it was either a Cheesesteak or a Pulled Pork Sandwich…the Cheesesteak was on a soft roll, with plenty of red peppers and onions and a mound of beef, while the Pork was on the same roll but had a ton of vinegar based slaw on it.

The food in the Northwest League has to rival any other stop in Minor League Baseball.

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