Playoff Picture

NWLThree games remain, three teams are separated by just one game…two teams vying for a playoff spot.  Pennant Fever in Boise.

Following a 10-6 loss to Salem-Keizer last night, many thought it was a bad loss for the Hawks – but in all reality, it helped their postseason hopes.

Salem-Keizer leads Boise/Hillsboro by one game…and has won the first-half title, so they are in the playoffs.  For the Hawks and Hops, the three game series will determine who will meet the Volcanoes on Tuesday night.

Some of the particulars – the Hawks hold the season series edge with Hillsboro (7-2), as does Salem-Keizer (9-3), so if Hillsboro finishes tied with either Boise or the Volcanoes – the Hops lose the tiebreaker.

If S-K wins the second-half season, Boise claims the second berth (as the Volcanoes also won the first half pennant and the Hawks have the next best overall record).

It is simple for the Hawks…win 2-of-3 against Hillsboro and they are in…win 1-of-3 against Hillsboro and have Salem-Keizer win one game vs. Eugene and they are in…or have Salem-Keizer sweep Eugene (regardless of what they do vs. Hillsboro) and they are in.

Hillsboro has the tough road…they must sweep the Hawks and have Eugene take 2-of-3 from S-K (who is 9-0 against the Ems) or take 2-of-3 from the Hawks and have Eugene sweep S-K to earn the playoff spot.

The North Division race will also come down to the wire, as Spokane and Vancouver are battling for the final spot (Spokane has the tiebreak on the C’s) – with both teams playing on the road for their final three games.


  1. Steve

    If the Hops finish higher in the standings than the Hawks don’t they take the playoff spot? Going into last nights’ game we were both 20 and 15. Hops are now 21 and 15 and Hawks are 20 and 16. Don’t we HAVE to take the next two games in a row to secure our spot?

    • Boise Hawks Radio

      Steve – The Hawks actually do not have to win a game to get a postseason berth…the difference is that Salem-Keizer is currently ahead of both Hillsboro and Boise…and holds the tiebreak on both teams…if S-K wins (or shares the 2nd half title) the other berth is determined by the overall record (for the entire season) – which the Hawks currently have clinched…so unless Hillsboro wins the division outright (needing two wins and two S-K losses), the Hawks move on… Thanks for the note!!!

      • idahoinvestments

        Got it… I think. So if S-K takes first, the team that gets the playoff nod ISN’T the second place finisher in the second half for our division… rather it’s the best OVERALL record holder for the ENTIRE season… which is us. Correct?

      • idahoinvestments

        Soo… if I’m reading it right either an S-K win tonight OR a Hawks win tonight secures our spot?

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