A Look at the Uniforms…

NewLogoIt was a great unveiling of the updated Boise Hawks uniforms and I would think President/GM Todd Rahr has to be pleased with the reviews.  Typically in social media, more often than not, the nays overwhelming speak out, those who like something are more likely to not make their voices heard – but the fact that many more people have said they like the new hats/logo/uniforms is a credit to Brandiose (the designer), for “spicing” up the Hawks.

WhiteHome Uniform – Manager Gary Van Tol was the first to put on the uniform and he really liked the feel of the Wilson threads – much lighter than the previous uniform.  They are still the same color scheme as the uniforms unveiled in 2007 (Cornsilk, Desert Red, Tennessee Orange, and Tampa Bay Green) – but feature a green sleeve with the new Hawks “scratch” on it, while the talon clutching a ball “alternate logo” is on the opposite sleeve.  The Cubs logo is now on the pants, along with the “scratch” utilized as piping.  The numerals are 10 inches (larger than before) and utilize metallic thread – which will shimmer in the sun and lights (a first in baseball)

GreyRoad Uniform – Former OF Drew Rundle wore the new graphite colored jersey and pants, as the Hawks will be the first team ever to wear graphite.  The color scheme remains the same as the previous road uniform – Boise across the chest in the metallic threads, with a green sleeve with the “scratch” mark and the talon logo.  It will be interesting to see the number on the back of the jersey with the green and graphite combination – luckily the Tennessee Orange outline should make that possible.

BPBP Top – I love the BP top – a huge distinctive B on the front in the Tennessee Orange with no numerals or other lettering, becoming the first team to have a single letter dominating a BP jersey.  Clubhouse manager and former Dutch Olympian, Michiel Van Kampien paraded the new jersey, which looks completely fresh. The jersey is green with red sleeves – with the Cubs logo on the sleeve.  It is bold and brash and love it.

CapNew Hat – The team will continue to wear their home hat (Green-Green B-Bird) and road hat (Green-Red B-Bird) that they introduced in 2007, but will add an alternate hat to the mix – a Green-Green hat with the stratch mark down the middle of the hat.  It is a great branding tool and I think that the fans will be flocking for a hat – joining a long line of new lids throughout the minors this season.

Our friends at the Idaho Press Tribune have a full gallery of images from the event at Big Al’s yesterday – check it out at http://www.idahopress.com/gallery/sports/boise-hawks-new-uniforms/collection_1688b084-9b16-11e2-a77f-0019bb2963f4.html.

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Truly a tragedy. I have never been able to get used to the green/orange/red color combo and these new uniforms are now the worst in minor league baseball. Instead of trying to be the Oregon Ducks of baseball, the Hawks should look to follow the simple classy look of the parent club.
I understand the hope is to find a mark that resonates nationally in a way the Casper Ghosts, Lake Elsinore Storm or other successful teams that have had gimmicks boost sales. The “scratch” misses the mark and I don’t see where it will take off or boost sales. The BP jersey with the “B” is even worse and is either an attempt to mimic the Turn Ahead the Clock jerseys the MLB did in the late 90’s or a throwaway gimmick by the designers to test the pallette of the public for future designs.

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