A look from Everett

With the Hawks having won 2-of-3 games in Everett and sitting atop the East Division with a 10-5 record, it’s time to take a quick look at things here in Everett – located about 30 minutes north of downtown Seattle.  The first look is that of the ballparks – as there are two Everett Memorial Stadiums (one for baseball and one for football, adjacent to each other) – with the video taken from the locker rooms that serve as the baseball clubhouse.

The ball park is unique, with multiple nooks and crannies in the outfield – including a manual scoreboard in straight away right-center that is just 340 feet from home plate.  I have always enjoyed the homer porch in right, where fans have the opportunity to sit on a grass berm and catch a home run ball.  I also enjoy the vistas from the park – as on a clear day (which is sometimes rare in this parts), you can see the snow-capped Cascade Mountains, including Mount Baker looming large over the left field wall.

Food options are vast in Everett, though the prices are definitely more that what you find in Boise – as a Miller Lite will set you back $7.00 (compared to $5.50 in Spokane and $5.00 in Boise), but they have things like chili and clam chowder bread bowls and the biggest bags of popcorn in the Northwest League.  The condiment bar is outstanding – and I feel that Everett is No. 1 in that category – with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sauerkraut, relish, jalapenos, and BBQ sauce, to go along with the typical mustard and ketchup (Salem-Keizer is still the lone yard that has pickles for the fans).

The team hotel is one of the better facilities in the league – as the Holiday Inn Downtown Everett is seven stories tall with a quality restaurant and a good breakfast for the team.  There are other dining options – but not great ones for the fellas (outside of Dennys) following games.  The night life in Everett has improved as the downtown corridor has numerous nightclubs and watering holes.

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