Near Perfect…

It was a great way to open up the longest homestand of the season – as the Hawks “took” a no-hitter into the eighth inning and eventually defeated the East Division first half champion, Yakima Bears, 2-1.  However, when one looks at the box score this morning, things will look a bit different.  Ian Dickson was outstanding – by far the best outing of the season for the former Lafayette start, retiring the first 15 men in order.  However, officially, he allowed one hit – as an error charged to Stephen Bruno on a grounder into the hole by Ronnie Freeman was changed this morning to a hit.

If you were listening to the game last night, I was very critical of the scoring decisions – which are not easy on a regular night, let alone when a no-hitter is in the making.  My thought is that you have to take everything surrounding a play out and rule on whether or not it was a routine play that should have been made without any extra effort – which is what the scorer decided on after the fact, as Bruno was on the outfield grass with a backhand and Freeman is a catcher that runs well.

So, instead of the first two-hitter by the Hawks since J.R. Mathes and Jon Hunton combined on a 2-0 shutout in Everett in 2004, it is the second three-hitter of the season by the Boise staff.

Nonetheless, it was fun for me as a broadcaster – as one thinks, do you mention the perfect game (through five innings), do you mention the no-no through seven?  Many broadcasters say no, I mentioned it, but in a round about way – using not allowed a hit, no base-runners, shutout, etc., but I don’t think I used the no-hitter or perfect game cliches.  The Hawks as a franchise have yet to throw a no-hitter, though the team was no-hit by Tri-City in 2001.  I have never called a no-hitter in baseball, but can remember a couple intense fastpitch softball perfect games – including one at Pacific Lutheran University in 1997 in the District title game to send the team to the NAIA Women’s World Series.

Roster moves continue – as the Hawks roster has been maxed out with the addition of Dan Vogelbach (boy does he have a quick, strong bat) and the addition of Justin Amlung (12th Round, Louisville) today.  Though the Hawks do not have the full allotment of players in Boise, they are hamstrung by the Cubs farm system, who has too many players in Mesa – which means there are players on the Hawks roster (Pierce Johnson, Brian Smith, Rashad Crawford) who have never came to Boise, but are on their DL to free up space in Mesa.

Wanted to share a great picture from the trip home on Monday night from Eugene, as skipper Mark Johnson allowed my son, P.J. to ride the bus back to Boise with us.  He was so excited to be on the same bus as the “Cubbies” and for a four-year-old, he was very well behaved – didn’t goof off and even did a great job making it to the back of the bus when he had to use the facilities.  As you can see, he also crashed extremely hard (which made it a long night for sleep for his Dad) – but it is a memory he’ll always have.


I am in Illinois an would like to listen to your
broadcasts. What is your stations call lettters and frequence? Thanks , a cub fan. Ben Sieg

You can find our games at or at and click on the Audio link

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