A Fire Alarm Welcome…

What a way for the Boise Hawks to arrive in Eugene this morning – by the soothing sound of a fire alarm at 8:30 a.m. at the Valley River Inn.  After leaving Memorial Stadium at midnight and making the eight hour bus trip across Central Oregon – through the thriving towns of Juntura, Burns, Brothers, Sisters, Nimrod (yes Nimrod) and Vida (close to a unique covered bridge on the McKenzie River) – the Hawks arrived just after 7 a.m. local time, and less than 90 minutes later – the fire alarms at the hotel screamed.

When it was all done – I found out that there had been a new fire system installed at the hotel (which has completely been rennovated – see right), and that the Eugene Fire Marshall had a complete walk-through to make sure everything was in working order.  But for me, it was very real and surreal – as in 2005, a similar event happened at the Accent Inn in Vancouver, but when I went to the door to see what was going on, there were flames shooting out of the building about six rooms down – and eight units were destroyed by the fire on a getaway day.

After nearly two weeks without a roster move, the revolving door of the clubhouse has begun again – starting with the additions of Hunter Ackerman (who will make his Hawks debut on the back side of a piggy-back with Ian Dickson) and Matt Iannazzo on Monday, the departure of Bijan Rademacher (to Peoria) and addition of Izaac Garsez on Tuesday, and the departure of Bryce Shafer (to Peoria) on Wednesday.  Following the game last night, I ran into Pete Levitt in the parking lot at the stadium as I was grabbing my bags for the bus and he let me know he was on his way back to Peoria.  Since I had both Rademacher and Levitt on Hawkstown Tonight recently, I joked with the veterans that if you come on the show with me, you might get called up.

Last night looked as if the team ran out of gas after taking a 4-2 lead in the third inning.  Tayler Scott struggled with his command and committed a pair of balks that helped lead to runs, while Hayden Simpson did not look comfortable on the mound.  It was great to see Gioskar Amaya back on the diamond after missing two games after getting plunked in the heat on Sunday night – smashing his fourth homer of the season in his first at bat.

The series with Eugene ends the first half of the season – the Hawks trying to end on a good note, having won three of their last five games.

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