Wild Night in Boise

A couple of quick hits on a Sunday morning after another wild and crazy night at Memorial Stadium – a game that saw the Hawks hit three home runs in a game for the second time this season and the first double-ejection of the year.

Paul Hoilman hit is league-leading 13th homer of the season – right off the top of the wall and over in right in the 2nd inning, as the Hawks built a 3-1 lead after fourth.  However Eugene battled back to take a 6-3 lead with a five-run fifth, before the Hawks bats erupted.  Oliver Zapata came up in the sixth with two on an no outs, showed bunt, pulled the bat back, and crushed a three-run shot to give the good guys the lead for good, while Blair Springfield capped the night with a three-run bomb of his own.

Listen here for the highlights from the night (http://yotestats.i8.com/hawks/Highlights8-13-11.wma).

The 15-runs were a season high, eclipsing the 13-runs Boise scored against Spokane last month – incidentally, in both games, Springfield hit a three-run homer to close the scoring.

The fans also saw the double ejection, as the Ems Jace Peterson was tossed (albeit one of the quickest heave-hos in the NWL over the years) after saying something to the field umpire following being called out at second on a stolen base attempt, with skipper Pat Murphy arguing for a good three minutes before getting tossed himself – then bellowing his claim for another five minutes, to the ire of the Boise fans.

The key was three scoreless innings by Dustin Fitzgerald to notch his second save, saving the bullpen on a night that Ben Wells and Kyler Burke did not have their best stuff.

ANSWERING THE TWEETS: I received a couple of tweets last night that went unanswered, and decided to respond here.  One of the tweets had to do with a pitching change with a 1-0 count in the sixth inning by Eugene – and who gets credit for the run scored on the eventual homer by Zapata.  According to the rule book – No earned run shall be charged to a relief pitcher if the runner was on base when the relief pitcher entered the game. Likewise, if a batter has more balls than strikes, unless the count is one ball, no strikes, when a relief pitcher enters the game and the batter receives a base on balls, charge that action to the preceding pitcher. Any other action of the batter shall be charged to the relief pitcher.  Also, one of the fans asked about the pitching chart – something that the Cubs staff at every level puts together each night, showing who has thrown that day, previous days, and which relievers are available to pitch.  The Cubs have a policy in which relievers cannot throw on three-straight days, nor can pitchers on back-to-back days throw more than three combined innings without two days of rest.  It makes it pretty easy to tell who will be able to pitch (ie, Fitzgerald will not be able to throw until Wednesday at the earliest, while Sunday’s game will probably see McDonald the first reliever out of the pen for Boise).


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