Best Pre-Game Meals in the Northwest League

A survey among the eight broadcasters in the Northwest League has revealed their thoughts on the best Press Box Food in the league.


ivars_logo.jpg1.  Everett – The Aquasox have the most diverse menu in the league, as anything that is on their menu is available to eat – from chili or clam chowder in a bread bowl, Quiznos subs, to hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza.  What makes it even more impressive, is there are waitresses that handle your order.  “The fact that I can have Ivar’s clam chowder at the ball park sets Everett apart,” said one broadcaster.


Thumbnail image for DSC02177.JPG2. Yakima – The Bears are a close second, in fact, had more first-place votes than Everett.  Although the options at County Stadium are not as diverse as Everett – the quality is outstanding.  The philly cheesesteak is outstanding, their new sweet/sour or teriyaki chicken is the best in the league, and the Boomer Dog (pictured right) is a behemoth.  “The addition of the teriyaki bowl was the best addition in the league.  I love eating there,” stated one broadcaster.  You are on your own here to get food, but it is always free.


Thumbnail image for NatBaileyFood.JPG3. Vancouver – I enjoy the chicken strips (pictured left)  in Vancouver, while the sweet and spicy dipping sauce is outstanding.  The addition of Nathan’s hot dogs – including a foot long one, has improved the quality at Nat Bailey Stadium.  One thing I liked was the ability to get some popcorn or peanuts for the mid-late innings.  “There is always someone there to take my food order,” said one broadcaster, while another mentioned, “Their food selection has dwindled the last couple years, and the loss of beer in the press box was a downer.”


4. Eugene – For me, the diversity of the meal in Eugene was limited this year (with the move to PK Park) – as I used to love the burritos or the Hometown Heroes sandwiches.  However, there was always plenty of BBQ available (hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken) – and I always have been a fan of the potato salad.  One broadcaster commented, “Good variety, but it doesn’t last long,” while another said, “It is a good spread, but it may or may not be out there before I go on the air.”


Thumbnail image for teriyaki.JPG5. Spokane – PR director Joseph handles the pregame order for the radio staff, typically hamburgers or hot dogs, although I love their BBQ chicken sandwich or the teriyaki bowl at Avista Stadium.  Others do not share the same sentiments, as one stated “Burger, cold hot dog, burger – that’s a three-game feel; I feel sorry for the five-game guys,” while another stated, “Sometimes it shows up pregame, sometimes in the fifth inning.”


6.  Boise – I get the opportunity to have the pregame meal 38 times a year at Memorial Stadium and you get the rotation down.  Caesar chicken wrap, pizza, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, burgers – probably some of the more diverse food in the league (if only the Caesar didn’t have tomatoes on it).  One broadcaster stated, “Some healthy choices once in a while and the food is always there before I go on the air,” while another said, “Greasy pizza and a cold chicken wrap where you take your intestinal health in your hands.”


Thumbnail image for WWSMustard.JPG7. Tri-City – Hot Dogs, Hot Dogs, and more Hot Dogs – although the hot dog is good and the Sweet Onion mustard (pictured left) on the concourse is a must, while the final game of a series usually sees a hamburger or chicken sandwich – but they need more that ketchup and mustard.  “Hot dogs for five days is a stretch,” said one broadcaster, while another said, “Hot dogs, Again?”  A third stated, “Hot dogs, fountain pop, and finally, water.”


8. Salem-Keizer – In the past, I remember a pre-game spread at Volcanoes Stadium, say eight hot dogs or eight burgers, or a huge plate of nachos.  This year, it was a mishmash of food – and if you didn’t know it came, you may be out of luck, and there was soda provided just one of the five days.  I like their Asian cuisine at the park, but it hasn’t found its way into the booth.  One broadcaster stated “They do the minimum, sometimes less, but it is okay,” while another commented, “What pregame meal?”


Coming up, the broadcasters rank the Best Press Boxes in the Northwest League.

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