Potpourri on Getaway Day (Including Player Interviews)

stadium.jpgNothing is going right for the Boise Hawks this time around in Yakima – the offense which was so prolific for the past two weeks is all but non-existent…the bullpen has been downright awful the last four nights…and the heat, well 100 degrees in Yakima is not like 100 degrees in Boise…it is downright HOT.

Put all that together, and tonight’s game between the Hawks and Bears is a true “playing out the string” game, as the Spokane Indians clinched the East Division title for the first half with their 7-0 victory in Game 2 of their doubleheader with Tri-City last night.

How different has the last four nights been – vastly…from July 8-21, the Hawks as a team hit .331, while the squad posted a quality ERA of 4.32…but in the last four losses, the team has limped to a .185 batting average, with pitchers struggling to a 7.85 ERA (while Tri-City and Yakima’s bullpen’s have combined for a 0.60 ERA).

yakima.jpgGETAWAY DAY BLUES – Chalk up another $35 out of Mike Safford’s wallet, as for the fourth time in five road trips this year, the team hotel has failed to provide a getaway room for the broadcaster (which is doubly tough, considering there is no wireless internet at the hotel)…I posted the cash to get the room until 4 p.m. (or else I’d have to pay a full night’s lodging rate), using the time to get Hawkstown Tonight prepared, along with updating you all on what is going on in HawksTown.

Serrano, Juan Yasser.jpgSERRANO EARNS AWARD – A great outing yesterday by Juan Serrano, allowing just two hits and one run – coupled with his five shutout innings against Spokane earlier in the week, earned him Northwest League Pitcher of the Week honors.  He is the second Hawk to earn an award – as Richard Jones was named Hitter of the Week last week.

LOOKING AHEAD – After tomorrow’s off day, the Hawks return home for a five-game series against the Vancouver Canadians (affiliate of the Oakland A’s) – in a battle of blue vs. white shoes.  The Hawks rotation will be Alvaro Sosa (Wed.), Dustin Fitzgerald (Thurs.), Brent Ebinger (Fri.), Juan Serrano (Sat.), Austin Kirk (Sun.).

INTERVIEWS WITH THE PLAYERS:  Here are the latest player interviews from HawksTown Tonight. Aaron Kurcz – (
KurczINT.wma), Richard Jones – (
JonesINT.wma), Chris Huseby (
HusebyINT.wma), Austin Kirk (

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