Leaving Volcano-Land

VolcanoesStadium1.JPGTonight the Hawks will be saying good bye to Marion County and Volcano-Land – otherwise known as Volcanoes Stadium for the 2010 season (unless we both reach the NWL Championship Series).

For me, I will not be saddened (except for leaving both Matt Pedersen, the new voice of the Volcanoes, and Mark Gilman, their former voice, both good guys).

A ball park that has the worst vantage point in the league from the press box (especially on Friday night when a booth was set up right in front of my position) begins the problems (which have ended in the past with too many losses to the Volcanoes).

Having to climb over railings to hang a crowd mike (which still gets kids talking directly in it), watching people spend $4.75 for an 9 ounce beer (or as I saw on $1.00 beer night, a cup that resembled the plastic glasses at a Holiday Inn).  Hot dogs that are made of chicken instead of beef, and the topper – a sign that says no straws or lids for sodas, but you can have a slice of pie for $6.00 ($3.00 more for ice cream).

VolcanoLand2.JPGIf I were to have friends in town – they better be from out of town, because locals are not allowed to receive complimentary tickets (I did have friends come on Friday night – I put Boise down, but they were asked to show ID, and they said they haven’t gotten new Idaho licenses)…but still got general admission berm seating.  It is the same seats the Hawks staff received when they came to Oregon for the 2006 LCS.

On field promotions are limited (although I have always loved their Kid Around the Bases – where a youth runs the bases after the ceremonial first pitch) – basically a water balloon hitting contest and a dress up in a uniform contest.  No running of the bases after the game – since the field lights are immediately turned off after the final out – maybe that is why there are pitching mound sized dead spots in the outfield (see picture).

VolcanoLand2.JPGFinally, I have to say that the fans in Salem-Keizer are the most complacent in the league.  Yakima may have the lowest attendance, but they are loud…Vancouver’s rowdies get into it, as the do in most other cities.  Not here, no cat-calling from the stands – which has surprised the Hawks players.

Fellas – lets get a win tonight, take a series from the ‘Canos, and head back to Idaho!


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Spot on about the SK experience. Not sure why it is, but both the Portland Beavers and the SK volcanoes struggle. Its not for lack of solid sponsorship…or bad teams… its seems they just don’t get it. The entertainment value we get at Hawks home games is head and shoulders above what we experienced in Salem.

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