A Day with No Baseball

P7280051.JPGI think the picture to the left summarizes what I did on our first day off of the season at home – I enjoyed it with my son Parker and my wife Liza.  It was nice to not think about baseball for one evening – I mean, I didn’t even know of Mark Buerhle’s new MLB record for consecutive batters retired until this morning.

PJ enjoyed being in the pool – and he even coaxed Daddy to get in the cold water.

Monday was probably a day the Hawks would like to forget.  Temperatures in Eugene were 106 degrees at the field (it cooled down to 98 at the end of the game) – while temperatures in the press box were between 120-130…I was in such a lather that I needed to shower after the game…which by the time I emerged from the clubhouse – I started to sweat just walking to the bus.

It was a tough day for the Hawks pitchers – Robert Hernandez lasted a season-low three innings, Andres Quezada was roughed around in the fourth, and Danny Keefe allowed a pair of seventh inning two-run homers.  In all, Eugene hit three HR’s in the game, two fewer than the Hawks have hit as a team in 37 games.

NOTES – The Cubs have made a trio of roster moves that will affect the Hawks, as pitcher Larry Suarez has been sent to the Mesa Cubs, while Su-Min Jung is expected to join the team this week and be activated from the 7-Day DL…also joining the squad is D.J. Fitzgerald, a middle infielder who was sent from Peoria to make way for second-round pick, D.J. LeMahieu.

BUS RIDE MOVIES: Two movies were played on the way home from Eugene – the classic Will Farrell flick Step Brothers (I still think the drumset scene is too much), along with Watchmen, an intense, sorta superhero movie set from 1940-1985.

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  1. thebigpictureguy

    Mr. Safford,

    My goodness I never get tired of listening to you on the radio. The Hawks have had their share of serious struggles this year, but you always seem to stay positive. I really admire that in a person. I’ve had to do that for many years seeing as how I’m a Colorado Rockies fan. I have always wanted to be a commentator for any sport really, it’s just something I love doing. I really enjoy reading your blog everyday and I think you’re doing an excellent job. Thanks for everything!

    Best wishes!

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